Andrew Hastie eyes Canning seat for another term

Canning MP Andrew Hastie with his wife Ruth and children Beatrice, Jonathan, and Jemimah. Picture: Supplied.

Canning MP Andrew Hastie with his wife Ruth and children Beatrice, Jonathan, and Jemimah. Picture: Supplied.

It's been over six years since Andrew Hastie became the Canning MP and he's hoping to maintain his role for a long time to come.

A lot has happened in Mr Hastie's latest term as a MP, not only in his political life but also on the home front.

In November, Mr Hastie and his wife Ruth welcomed a baby girl Jemimah which he says has been "a real joy" for the couple.

"My kids only know politics - Jonathan was about four weeks old when I got into it and he's now six and a half," he said.

"The kids take my mind off politics because they're not really interested in it - although Jonathan and Beatrice like counting all the signs now."


As the election looms closer, Mr Hastie reflected on his last three years in Parliament.

He said he was most proud of new infrastructure for the region including the Lakelands train station, the additional Mandurah Estuary Bridge, and the Pinjarra Heavy Haulage Deviation.

"I'm really proud of the rail investment in Lakelands train station," he said.

"Public transport is a great equaliser - it gives people opportunity and young Australians who may not be able to drive can get on the train and go work in the city or up north.

"It means that people can spend less time on the roads to and from their place of work."

The Pinjarra Heavy Haulage Deviation recently saw a $178 million boost in the federal budget.

Mr Hastie said getting trucks out of Pinjarra could turn it into a historic tourist town right in the heart of the Peel region.


If re-elected, Mr Hastie said he wanted to be a champion for health, prioritise building a pedestrian footbridge for Madora Bay and Lakelands, and bolster economic and job opportunities including in the defence sector.

"Every project I've delivered I've done so with community support."

His wish to be re-elected comes from a desire to continue to fight for his electorate in Canberra.

"I live here, my children go to school here, our network of friends and church is here and we love the community," he said.

"I want the best for this community like everyone else."

Federal candidates for Canning are:

  • Andrew Hastie (Liberal)
  • Amanda Hunt (Labor)
  • Jodie Moffat (Greens)
  • James Waldeck (United Australia Party)
  • Tammi Siwes (Pauline Hanson's One Nation)
  • Anthony Gardyne (Australian Federation Party)
  • Brad Bedford (Western Australia Party)
  • Judith Congrene (Informed Medical Options Party)
  • Ashley Elphin Williams (Independent)
  • Andriette du Plessis (Australian Christians)
  • David Gardiner (Liberal Democratic Party)