Mandurah band, Jack Runaway, set to take the stage to launch indie-rock EP 'Drinking Alone'

Mandurah indie-rockers Jack Runaway are gearing up to launch their latest EP Drinking Alone.

Made up of five gritty new songs, the trio have been hard at work in the studio perfecting the EP for more than 12 months.

Band members Chris Hoskin (singer/songwriter, guitarist), Kris Savy (drummer) and recent addition Jay Schell (bassist) scaled new heights with their eponymous 2015 debut and magnetic, emotional 2018 hit Ready to Know You but have picked up where they left off with a new EP their growing fan base will fall in love with.

With a sound that resembles the perfect mix of Kings of Leon, Temper Trap and Matt Corby, what has already been released from the EP has certainly satisfied the cravings of listeners.

Hailing from Golden Bay, Hoskin told the Mandurah Mail this record funneled life experience into every song that fueled a sense of nostalgia.

"We think it's something a bit different from other acts getting around - it's not really surfy but it's still got a strong Perth influence," he said.

Jack Runaway dropped the latest release from their EP, the poppy and fast-paced track Dijonnaise, last week.

Hoskin said, despite its swirl of melodies and tones that cuts across genres, Dijonnaise was one of the hardest songs he has ever written.

"It's pretty personal about something that happened to me and my best mate and it was a pretty horrible event. Afterwards I sat in the kitchen and didn't know what to do and as I was reflecting and writing about it, I was staring at a jar of Dijon mustard mayonnaise that my mate had left out," he said.

"The strong theme through all of Jack Runaway's music is mental health, anxiety, depression and that sort of stuff.

"I've definitely had my fair share I've had to deal with and music has always helped me a lot - I've always used music as my own personal diary to deal with things."

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Dijonnaise is joined by the alternative rock 'n' roll track Never Know, released in May which Hoskin said started out as a simple jam during rehearsal.

"It naturally developed into a track that, at first, was mostly an opportunity for us to get super loud and have some fun on stage," Hoskin said.

"Lyrically the song is about lust. Meeting someone that you're vibing and riding out the night with without knowing where and when it will end up.

"At the time of writing I was just out of a relationship and diving head first into the wonderfully scary world of modern dating. I'm an old soul at heart and Never Know in a way is my rugged and romantic ballad for all."

On stage, the southern-tinged vocals met with a groovy beat makes for a powerful live unit which will be on display whenJack Runaway perform at Fremantle's The Aardvark Bar on Friday, August 2 to launch their new EP.

The trio will be joined by guest supporting acts cruisy rock 'n' rollers Gully, fresh-on-the-scene local legends Girl From Mars and grungy Perth indie rockers Sad Hour.

Hoskin said he had gone to great lengths to find the perfect opening lineup for the launch for his own benefit.

"I always want to get acts that I know people will want to see and will come out of their house to see, and they are so great, but this time I picked the acts because I just love their music and I really wanted to see them live," he said.

"It was totally selfish - I've created the perfect little live show for me, like I'm going to my own festival.

"The lead singer of Gully is my best mate and that band is like our brother band. It's their first gig back in a while so we're stoked to have them on board."

Hoskin said he's looking forward to getting back on stage and then starting on the next chapter of the band's career.

"A launch is not nerve wracking but it's a strange feeling - a lot of anticipation and pressure," he said.

"But I just love playing gigs and you know, at your launch, that the people who have come, are there to see you in particular which is humbling.

"We've got a lot on the way and we can't wait to move on to the next phase with our other songs."

Jack Runaway will perform at Fremantle's The Aadvark Bar for their Drinking Along EP launch on Friday, August 2.

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