New Mandurah band Equals Equals drop groovy debut single

They are only new to the Mandurah music scene but alternative indie band Equals Equals are already making waves.

After more than a year working tirelessly behind the scenes, local industry titan, vocalist and rhythm guitarist Dave Williams announced his new music project earlier this month.

Shortly after revealing the news, the four-piece band dropped their first single Dry Your Eyes much to the excitement of their growing fan base.

With Dylan Keirnan on lead guitar, Bevyn Tarboton on bass and Kalib Poulter behind the drums, the track is as soulful as it is groovy and captures the essence of the group's passions - male expression, vulnerability and honesty.

The local lads started jamming together early in 2018 but Williams said their first track has been a long time in the making.

"We were getting together to jam once every couple of weeks last year just because it was fun and we all had music we'd been writing," he said.

"We all just facilitated each other creatively.

"We were getting into the studio as much as we could, which wasn't really too often because we're all in other bands and working.

"I wrote Dry Your Eyes around that time and it took six months to refine the lyrics and the song structure as a whole and then when we jammed it, we thought 'this song is actually quite good' and we started putting demos down.

"We probably spent over 40 hours in the studio over five or six months just trying to figure out bits and piece and change the vibe."

Quickly establishing themselves as new homegrown heroes, the track debuted at number 15 on the Triple J Unearthed indie charts - a solid spot for a new band.

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Williams, who is also a guitarist in the local band Indigo and in his fifth year of chiropractic studies at Murdoch University, has been writing music for more than 10 years.

"I've been writing music for a long time, it's been a venting process for me since I was about 15," he said.

"I'm finally at the stage now with my writing where I'm writing about stuff that I'm passionate about rather than breakups or that kind of thing and I'm at the stage vocally now where I'm fairly confident that people will resonate with it a little bit."

And as for the band's name? It is a beautiful tribute to both the fight for equality and personal balance.

"I've kind of been fixated on balance as a key aspect of trying to maintain some sort of normality in my life," he said.

"Over the last seven years on and off, I've struggle with mental health stuff.

"I come from a family of pretty strong feminists and I consider myself a feminist and equality is really important to me.

"So it's both equality stuff and a passion to try and find some sort of normality in an otherwise pretty chaotic lifestyle that I live."

Williams said the band are now looking forward to the future with a live gig penciled in for later this year and another single release within the next few months.

But they have an ultimate goal for their music project that bears significant importance and carries a much greater responsibility.

"The vision for Equals Equals as a whole is something that I'm really passionate about, is men's mental health and toxic masculinity," Williams said.

"I want to use Equals Equals as a vessel to encourage young guys to express themselves more openly and be okay with being vulnerable, particularly in a public space.

"I want to start a conversation around that kind of stuff."

Check out the track on the Triple J Unearthed website.

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