Mandurah indie rockers, The Gusset, gearing up to launch melodic new single 'Lost in Light'

Tom Dowding (bass), Ryan O'Loughlin (lead guitar), Sam Case (drums) and Jack Skelly (vocals/rhythm guitar) of The Gusset. Photo: Codey Wilson.
Tom Dowding (bass), Ryan O'Loughlin (lead guitar), Sam Case (drums) and Jack Skelly (vocals/rhythm guitar) of The Gusset. Photo: Codey Wilson.

Mandurah band The Gusset have returned to the music scene with a bang, announcing the upcoming launch of their melodic new single 'Lost in Light'.

Best mates and band members Sam Case (drums), Jack Skelly (vocals/rhythm guitar), Ryan O'Loughlin (lead guitar) and Tom Dowding (bass) scaled new heights with their epic surf rock number 'Days' and Ocean Alley-esque banger 'Disconnect' and now, the four-piece are ready to unveil their latest creation.

After spending some time hard at work in the studio, the local larrikins emerged last week with what they are describing as their biggest hit yet.

In an interview with the Mandurah Mail, O'Loughlin said it had been "a long time coming".

"We've put a lot of work into the song, there's been quite a few ideas back and forth but we finally locked in a structure that we were happy with," he said.

"As far as growing as a band and as musicians individually, its our most challenging song. It would be the best representations of ourselves as musicians and as a band collectively right now.

"This song is going to be huge. We're really looking forward to how it is received."

Kicking off with another exhilarating intro, the single is guaranteed to keep fans guessing and hearing something new after every listen.

O'Loughlin said the song showed off their crisp psych alt-rock sound and explored feelings of being "uncontrollable".

"The song has a lot of meanings, to sum it up in one sentence would be hard," he said.

"The general vibe is how easy it is to get lost along the way, even if you think you know where you're going in life."

The indie-rock outfit will take to the stage at Lucy's Love Shack on July 27 to launch the new single, joined by support acts, and local legends, The Spring Peaks and Nevertheless.

"It's going to be a good night. We haven't played a gig for a while so we're really excited to get everyone there and hopefully have another sell-out show," he said.

"We've already had a lot of good feedback and people saying they're coming and I think, because we haven't played a gig in such a long time, we should get a sell-out show again which will be good.

"Once we put it to Unearthed, we're hoping to get another spin on Triple J and we're hoping Lost in Light will reach number one and stay there.

"We're also working out logistically how to get a video done before the launch."

The boys have been quiet since their smash hit single 'Disconnect' debuted at number two on the Triple J Unearthed charts in October, 2018.

But O'Loughlin promised The Gusset have plenty in the pipeline to satisfy the cravings of their expanding and dedicated fan base.

"'Disconnect' was probably our best achievement so far and it's good to get feedback when you put so much effort into a show and actually know that people are enjoying your music," he said.

"It's been a bit of a gap between our last track and this one but our plan is to keep the momentum going now. We're already underway with another single so we want to get another one out straight away and see where it takes us.

"We've possibly got a few exciting opportunities in the future which we'll keep to ourselves for the moment.

"But we haven't played a home show in quite a while so that's probably next on our list of things to do."

For more information about The Gusset's single launch, or to purchase tickets to the gig, visit the Facebook event page.

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