Damaged MARC roof set to be replaced

Damaged MARC roof set to be replaced

Update - November 23

The damaged roof at the Mandurah Aquatic and Recreation Centre (MARC) is set to be completely removed and replaced.

A timeline for the repair works and re-opening of the 25m pool will be developed shortly.


The City of Mandurah council are set to consider two options for repairing the damaged roof at the MARC.

The 25 metre indoor pool at the MARC has been closed down since late May after storm water damaged the ceiling.

The damaged section of the roof was part of the centre's original structure from 1982.

In 2016, the original roof structure was inspected by an independent structural engineer and was found to be in good condition and suitable for reuse in the redevelopment.


In September, a structural engineer indicated the damage was due to a break in a section of the roof structure, likely initiated by excessive loading from a storm.

According to a City spokesperson, the investigation took four months to complete due to specialist technical analysis and extensive scientific testing of the roof materials. The engineer's findings were also independently reviewed.

Based on the advice of two structural engineering consultants there are two options available to fix the roof structure:

  1. Repair/replace the broken section of the roof structure and strengthen the other sections
  2. Complete removal and replacement of the roof structure over the 25m pool

City officers are recommending that council make the decision to completely remove and replace the roof structure over the 25m pool.

It is estimated the complete removal and replacement of the existing roof structure above the 25m pool would cost $2.5m and take at least 16 months to complete, due to the current high demand of the WA construction industry and availability of materials.

The MARC is expected to still be operational apart from the indoor pool section during construction.

City officers are recommending the funding is covered through existing reserves. The City's insurer is still reviewing the claim to determine whether the damage is insurable.

Members that have access to aquatic activities have been given a temporary reduction in their fees while those with aquatic fitness memberships can now participate in lower impact dry classes.

Mandurah councillors are set to make a decision on how to fix the roof on Tuesday, November 23.

Once a decision has been made a timeline for the repair works and re-opening of the 25m pool will be developed.

For more information visit, www.mandurah.wa.gov.au

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