Letters to the Editor: 25 February 2021

Steve Gardner took this beautiful sunrise photo in the Peel Estuary. Email your photo to editor@mandurahmail.com.au
Steve Gardner took this beautiful sunrise photo in the Peel Estuary. Email your photo to editor@mandurahmail.com.au

Dolphin's wait a disgrace

In your article ('Wildlife in Desperate Need', Mail, February 19) you mention a Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions spokesman stated the department had increased staff levels yet a dolphin still waits for help after six months.

This a disgrace and yes, we do need a full-time officer in Mandurah.

Ray Smart, San Remo

Paying it forward

On Saturday afternoon when I went to Hungry Jacks at Mandurah Forum, there was a long queue at the drive-thru and I noticed a car on the side of the building trying to get into the queue, but was ignored by lots of other cars. I waved her in, in front of my car. I ordered my burgers and drove around to pay. I was told the woman in front of me had already paid for my burgers. Kindness goes a long way, so to this lovely woman, thank-you, whoever you are.

Lars Samuelsson, Dudley Park

Kirkup campaigning for bridge

There was a full page ad in the Mail on February 18 that states "Only Mark McGowan and Lisa Munday will duplicate the Mandurah Estuary Bridge".

Dawesville MP Zak Kirkup and local residents have been agitating for this bridge since the last election.

In fact Mr Kirkup has promised that arrangements would commence in his first term of office. In contrast Mr McGowan is on record as stating that the bridge may be commenced as early as 2023.

There have been enormous sums of money spent in the northern suburbs under Labor but we have been very much the poor relations.

Suddenly an election looms and the Premier remembers that there is somewhere called Mandurah. Forgive me for being cynical, but once the elections are over, will we be the poor relations again?

Peter White, Wannanup (abridged)

The cowardly must be stopped

Congratulation to Kelly McCosker ('He has destroyed me', Mail, February 11) for having the strength to be interviewed about her years of abuse. Although there are now places to go for help, the abuse that women and children face on a daily basis is disgusting. The weak minded, cowardly, moronic "macho-men" who cause so much pain and anguish must be stopped.

Instead of arresting them, when possible, they should have to go straight into a mental assessment facility as surely their actions cannot be deemed anything but mental problems.

Philip Bradshaw, Mandurah

Rock groynes to prevent erosion

Mandurah is surrounded by water and very vulnerable to sea level rise. Our northern beaches are dissected by rock groynes which have been effective in preventing erosion. A more passive and eco centric approach to erosion control could help reduce estuarine erosion. The sand bag groynes used on the western foreshore protect from erosion while providing beach access. Rock groynes instead of rock walls will improve our estuary.

Jacob Cumberworth, Mandurah (abridged)

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