Check out these incredible photos of a day trip to Mandurah in 1924

Charter a Red Reo Char-a-Banc from Fremantle to Mandurah's Hotel Peninsula.

The year is 1924.

The oldest hotel in Mandurah, the Hotel Peninsula offered service "so satisfactory and memorable", that the "same old faces returned summer after summer", according to State Library of WA historians, who shared these photos with the Mandurah Mail.

Beautifully situated near the sea and at the same time right on the estuary, the Peninsula Hotel offered all the "modern conveniences", a private tennis court, lock-up garages, boat hire, swimming, shooting, fishing and "stocked every kind of drink".

In fact it was the kind of hotel that "a traveller in search of that refreshing holiday could truly write home about". The charming proprietor Mr Blackeley made his guests feel right at home.

"Over a glass of ale they could forget the troubles of the city, in favour of far pleasanter things." It was a holiday makers paradise indeed.

The library's researchers wrote using commentary based on newspaper articles of the day.

"It provides an insight into the event at the time but is not intended to be a definitive history," a spokesperson said.