Historical Mandurah: Our city through the years | Photos

Due to popular demand we’ve collated dozens of photos that capture Mandurah as it used to be.

While our humble paper – the Mandurah Mail –  has only been around since April 19, 1991, the region was first established in 1829. 

Our archives only go back so far but over time we’ve managed to gather quite the collection of historical photos. 

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As it’s our birthday today, we wanted to share with you some of our favourite snaps from our files. 

The region was established in when an Englishman called Thomas Peel waltzed in on the promise of a land grant.   

To receive the land grant Peel had to bring a number of workers, equipment and stores to Western Australia.

Thomas Peel died in 1865, and Mandurah continued to expand slowly over the years, with the main industries of the township being fishing and fruit growing, as well as canning factories to store the produce. 

Check out the gallery above to see the old shop fronts, residential building, cars and carts of yesteryear.