Falling Through the Cracks - Week Three

Given the local issues our community faces due to drug use, the Mandurah Mail is releasing our four-week Falling Through the Cracks series - a detailed look at how methamphetamine is having a devastating impact on the region.

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In week three, we detail how our primary health services, namely Peel Health Campus, are being inundated with presentations from meth addicts and users - and what this means for staff and other patients.

After 11 years of meth addiction, Bradley Hall retells his horror story and offers a stark message to anyone considering using meth.

Pinjarra mother-of-three Fiona Wall states how meth robbed her of everything, showing that the insidious drug can force families apart.

Finally, we detail the sad story of Shaun Vincent Blogna, who was last week sent to prison for violent crimes committed in Mandurah while under the influence of meth.

Week four's content will be available online on Wednesday night and play a prominent role in Thursday's newspaper.