'There's hope for everyone' - Falling Through the Cracks series - Week Two

Over the next four weeks, the Mandurah Mail will release our Falling Through the Cracks series - a detailed look at how methamphetamine is having a devastating impact on local drug users and the wider community at large.

In week one we spoke with former meth addicts Jettrude McGlade and Andrew Bennell, while reporting that almost 175,000 needles were handed out to Mandurah drug users in the first six months of 2019.

Falling Through the Cracks - Week one coverage:

In week two, we speak to the unions representing our local police officers, security staff, retail workers and health professionals. Their message was loud and clear - we have had enough.

Reformed drug addict Bill tells his story about getting free from meth consumption and how his fight is real on a daily basis to stay clean.

Former drug dealer Craig speaks candidly about his attempts to end his own life and how rehabilitating has given him a second chance.

Finally, reporter Carla Hildebrandt attended a Narcotics Anonymous meeting to learn more about the collaborative efforts of a community trying to turn the meth tide around.

Week Three of Falling Through the Cracks will be released on Wednesday and Thursday.