The tide is rising: Riptide presents new project 'Tide Tales'

Mandurah's premier youth performance company Riptide are busy rehearsing for their latest project, Tide Tales.

Written and directed by members of the ensemble, Tide Tales is a series of short new plays used to help develop the playwrighting and directorial ambitions of local artists.

The exciting new production will premiere at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre from September 18-21.

The project begun earlier in 2019 with the four writers of the plays, Ruby Liddelow, Lexie Sleet, Shekaila Walker and Max Baker, whisked off to Sydney to develop their stories at the Australian Theatre for Young People.

They returned with an eclectic bunch of plays, which were read publicly at the at the YOU ARE Youth Arts Festival in May.

Having cast the plays with young local performing talent, four first-time Mandurah directors, Lexie Sleet, Teaghan Lowry, Tristen Pateman and Courtney Brown, have stepped up to stage the plays with rehearsals already underway.

Rust Town

Written by Max Baker and directed by Lexie Sleet, Rust Town is a satirical comedy that asks bigger questions than it seems.

The year is unknown and time has been kind of hard to keep track of since the apocalypse. So how does a small settlement, still clinging to a political system of old, imitate a democratic election without just taking over by force?

French Onion Soup

Lexie Sleet's play follows Oscar, who has just turned 16 and life as he knows it has ended.

Directed by Tristen Pateman, it is time for Oscar to grow up and be a man and finally admit his feelings for his best friend Jess but, when it all goes wrong, how does he bring everything back together to make amends and heal?


After a short interval, a darker work written by Shekaila Walker and directed by Courtney Brown, will take to the stage.

Imagine a world that constantly has you on edge, gives you worries and irrational fears of things that could go wrong but is all in your head - Critic explores the lives of three young people living with anxiety.

Eva DuBivoir and the Quest for the Bloody Truth

Rounding off the night of new and original plays is Ruby Liddelow's piece.

Described as an "unapologetically cheesy panty-mime", the play follows a young and impressionable vagina, Eva DuBivoir, on a quest to find out what's up with the creepy Tampons she works for.

Teaming up with a "woke" menstrual cup, they work together to bring down Tampons Inc once and for all in a hilarious adventure directed by Teaghan Lowry.

Tide Tales will take to the stage at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre from September 18 to 21 from 6.30pm.

For more information, or to purchase tickets, visit the MPAC website. Containing strong language and adult themes, the show is recommended for ages 14 and older.