Riptide takes on new trainee artistic director

Youth performance company Riptide have welcomed a local young artist into a new creative role for 2019.

Ruby Liddelow will work under mentor and current artistic director Katt Osborne as a trainee artistic director at the company.

Liddelow has been heavily involved in the arts her whole life, and has been a member of Riptide for over five years.

During her time as an ensemble member with the company, she has worked with several national artists including Kate Champion, Susie Miller, Matt Edgerton, and Allan Girod.

The traineeship will continue to develop Liddelow’s position as an emerging artistic leader in Mandurah.

Liddelow said it was an exciting next step for her career and she is eager to get started.

“I am beyond excited to have been selected for this role and can’t wait to get started,” she said.

“I know it will be a massive learning curve but also that along with the challenges will come many exhilarating moments of feeling inspired and empowered, which in turn will lead to being able to inspire and empower other young people via the arts.

“There is so much in the pipeline for the next year or two, if there’s one thing I want for the ensemble it’s for us to keep growing; personally, artistically, and cohesively.

“One of my favourite things about Riptide is the intensely supportive and nurturing team culture we’ve developed and I think that’s one of the most important things to carry with us into the future of the company.”

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In 2014, Liddelow travelled to the Glasgow Commonwealth Games in Scotland, to work with the Tin Forest International Performing Company.

This year she directed Riptide’s first entirely ensemble-driven performance, Cardboard Kingdom and spent time in Sydney as assistant director for the Australian Theatre for Young People’s production, Impending Everyone.

Current artistic director Katt Osborne said she was delighted to have Liddelow on board.

“Ruby is a talented and hardworking theatre artist and organiser,” Osborne said.

“She is incredibly committed to contemporary arts and is an active member of the young community in Mandurah.”

“I’m very excited to mentor Ruby in this new role and to eventually leave the company in her capable hands.”

Liddelow’s next project before beginning her new role is called Midsummer Dreaming: The Bard Enters the Bush – a uniquely Australian take on Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, devised entirely by youth from the Peel region.

For more information about Riptide, visit the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre website.