Much-loved Seabreeze Deli celebrates 20 years

Seabreeze Deli is gearing up for an impressive milestone, celebrating 20 years owned by the Stiles and Di Stefano families.

David and Donna Stiles and Tony and Sue Di Stefano took over the corner store on May 15, 1999 and will soon toast to two decades of their much-loved deli.

The team said they were thankful for the many customers who have supported them from the beginning of their journey.

"Without your continued support we would not be here still," they told the Mandurah Mail.

"Thank you to all our regulars and to all of those that we served back in 1999 and still serve today - we appreciate your patronage."

Twenty years has seen a lot of changes in our personal lives but it seems not much changes at the corner deli - the Seabreeze Deli.

The Stiles and Di Stefano families

Mr Stiles and Mr Di Stefano said they were thankful for a number of special people who helped the small family business become what it is today.

"Sue and Donna's parents Don and Maureen moved to Mandurah and without them we would have been lost in those first few years," they said.

"We have been blessed to have had amazing staff throughout the years. One started even before we did and is still with us today and we can't thank Linda Princiotto enough for all she has done for us."

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The duo said they had plenty of stories to share over their many years in business together.

"There was Ray and Bev who made numerous trips to Rockingham for us to pick up The Sunday Times back when we got it in on a Saturday for all the early birds," they said.

"Marjory Smith, or Nana, who would walk down every day and stop in an have a cuppa and keep the boys on their toes."

And now, as both families reflect on the last two decades, they are just excited for what the future holds.

"As families, we have been in this together," they said.

"Our first few years we spent our Christmas Days, our Easters, our weekends at the shop with our kids helping. They have all worked in the shop and they still help us every day in some way.

"Twenty years has seen a lot of changes in our personal lives but it seems not much changes at the corner deli - the Seabreeze Deli."

As part of the celebrations, the Seabreeze Deli will be giving away freebies including two $50 vouchers to spend in store.

Winners will be announced on the Deli's birthday on May 15.

For details on how to enter the competition and to see more news from the Seabreeze Deli, visit their Facebook page.