Oceano Dive Centre and Coastal Waste Warriors join forces for beach clean up day | Photos

The team at Oceano Dive Centre and Coastal Waste Warriors joined forces on Sunday to host a NAUI Green Diver Day in Mandurah.

In an effort to clean up local waterways and beaches, volunteers met at Lido Beach (also known as Marina South Harbour Beach) on April 28 to do their part for the environment.

A group of 14 divers donned their snorkels and headed into the water in Dolphin Quay to find all kinds of odds and sods dumped in the ocean.

An additional 13 volunteers rolled up their sleeves on the shore and collected litter, including an impressive number of children and young families.

Together, they removed almost 900 kilograms of rubbish from the marine and local environment.

Among the items found in the water was chairs, road cones, street signs, trolleys, bicycles, scooters and a jetty fender.

They also collected 31 pairs of sunglasses, 15 pairs of goggles and five bags of glass and plastic bottles, aluminium cans and general rubbish.

On land, the Coastal Waste Warriors reported gathering thousands of cigarette butts, lollipop sticks, plastic food wrappers, straws, balloons and bottle tops.

With help from Dean Tapper, Brad Williams, Jason Santospirito and Lottie Dawes, organiser Corinne Matthews said it was another successful day.

"As well as our volunteers, members of the public walking by also helped out and Jason said they were happily surprised to have a boy as young as three walk up to the team asking for a bag to help out," she said.

"Working with the Coastal Waste Warriors was a great team up and we plan to have divers help them out on their clean ups and to work a lot more with these guys in future clean ups.

"We are planning to do a lot more Mandurah clean ups for our Future Green Diver days and really appreciate the help we had from the [City of Mandurah], the stuff they supplied us with was super helpful.

"As a club, we are all looking forward to doing more for the community."

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The group of divers also found a working GoPro in the clean up that they would like to reunite with it's owner.

The footage on the GoPro suggests the owner is about 14 years old, possibly lives in the Halls Head area and likes to scooter.

It may have been lost around October, 2018 under the Oceanic Bar and Grill restaurant.

The GoPro will be kept at the Oceano Dive Centre in case the owner comes forward. If you have any information or can help, please contact the shop on 9535 2047.

The Coastal Waste Warriors will host their next beach clean up event on May 19 at the Port Bouvard Marina. For more information, visit the Facebook event page.