Mandurah's Oceano Dive Centre holds beach clean up day | Photos

The team at the Oceano Dive Centre in Mandurah held a NAUI Green Diver day on February 3 in an effort to clean up the beaches and the ocean.

A group of 15 divers took to the waters at Palm Beach in Rockingham  and collected three full bags of rubbish in the water, weighing more than 30 kilograms.

In addition, they also filled a bag with rubbish from the shore.

Among the items found in the water was trolleys, chairs, plastic bottles, beer cans, sun glasses, nets, pipes and bicycles.

We even found fake teeth - we had a good laugh over these.

Corinne Matthews

One participant, Corinne Matthews, said the team were proud of what they accomplished during the day.

"However we only collected maybe a quarter of the rubbish," she said.

"We even found fake teeth - we had a good laugh over these.

"We love the marine life and we want to preserve what we get to enjoy in the ocean so we're raising awareness of what is hiding in the waters of our local beaches."

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While the group of divers always collect rubbish they see out and about on their dives, Ms Matthews said they planned to hold a designated clean up day every second month.

"We haven't done one in Mandurah yet but it is our plan to do so for our next beach clean up," she said.

"We take recommendations from our club members and store customers of where to go so if people have somewhere they know of that needs a clean up, then please get in touch so we can plan to do it."

The Oceano Dive Centre team agree there are a few steps the whole community can take to help the cause.

"Take trash with you when you leave and when you're out and about and you see trash around, don't ignore it but pick it up and dispose of it correctly," Ms Matthews said.

"A saying we hear a lot and like is 'When walking on the beach, instead of collecting seashells collect rubbish'.

"There are so many ways we can help to reduce the rubbish we create - using reusable water bottles, carrying things like reusable cutlery, straws and containers.

"And it's always great to jump on these clean up days. So many organisations run them so jump on board."

For more information, visit the Oceano Dive Centre website or Facebook page.