John Tonkin College year 7 students celebrate a successful start to the school year

John Tonkin College's year 7 students have started the school year strong with a number of exciting events and activities to kick start term one.

With the opening of Coastal Lakes College for new high school students in the northern Mandurah suburbs, the Tindale Street campus were expecting a smaller enrollment for 2019.

Year 7 coordinator Conor Gregory said, in order to take advantage of a more intimate year group cohort, the school introduced a year 7 overnight school camp.

"We decided at the end of last year that it was something we really wanted to do with the new school opening up in the area and projecting that we were going to have smaller numbers," Mr Gregory said.

"I thought that would be really positive for us because it would give us a chance to really work on our pastoral care and get to know all the kids a lot better.

"Doing camp really early on where we were all together overnight and did some group activities, it was the best way to achieve that."

Accompanied by teachers, the students spent the night at Fairbridge Village taking part in abseiling, archery and swimming.

There were plenty of ghost stories to be told as the sun went down, with many reporting a very sleepless night thinking about the terrifying tales.

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With many students returning to school excited for the rest of the year, Mr Gregory said there are other initiatives John Tonkin College have implemented recently to encourage good behaviour.

"We have been signed up to the Positive Behaviour School program for a couple of years which rewards positive behaviour," he said.

"At the end of each term they host a rewards day for each year group for kids that have over 90 per cent attendance or have done the right thing consistently. These rewards can include quiz nights, movie days, camps, socials.

"Last year we introduced Vivo points so students who consistently do the right thing, teachers can reward in class and then with the points, they can go on to the online store and either save them up to purchase something really big like an iPad mini or smaller things.

"Kids can actually vote on what they want to use their points for so if they want to see Mr Bell in a tutu or have lunch with the principal or something, they can spend their points that way.

"We've seen a lot less suspensions, way better attendance and much better lateness statistics already this term, it's awesome."