Police arrest man after pursuit throughout Mandurah suburbs

Police and detectives have arrested a 30-year-old homeless man following a pursuit throughout several Mandurah suburbs on Monday morning.

Officers received public reports of a motorist driving erratically in Meadow Springs just after 10am.

About 10.15am, Mandurah Police Stations traffic team sighted the car near Pebble Beach Boulevard and engaged in a pursuit.

The pursuit lasted for four minutes before police were forced to end the chase, due to safety reasons, near the Mandjoogoordap Drive and Gordon Road intersection.

About 10.50am, Mandurah detectives sighted and chased the car near the Ronsard and Watersun Drive intersection in San Remo.

The traffic team was called in again and both departments worked together to stop the car.

A parked car in the area and a police vehicle sustained minor damage during officers attempts to corner the driver.

Officers have dealt with the 30-year-old before for unrelated matters. Police understand the man is homeless and has been couch surfing across Perth.

Police will allege the black Hyundai hatchback with an orange stripe was stolen on January 11.

Mandurah Police Senior Sergeant Darren Hart said the Hyundai was originally reported as silver, however, its appearance has been changed several times.

It will be alleged the car has been involved in several fuel drive-offs across Perth, including Hamilton Hill, Mosman Park and Duncraig.

However, CCTV obtained from those drive-offs has revealed different drivers were behind the wheel.

Police will continue to investigate the matter.