Greenfields burglary victim reunited with war medals

Mandurah detectives have reunited Greenfields burglary victims with stolen valuables, including one man with his priceless war medals, which were stolen when his two teenage daughters were home.  

Senior Constable James Stewart said detectives had investigated a spate of home burglaries between July 1 and September 4, which resulted in about $23,000 worth of items reported missing.

To date, about $10,000 worth of items have been recovered including a MacBook air, cameras and jewellery.

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Carolyn Marks said her two daughters were in their home when the intruder allegedly smashed a window and let himself in. 

“My two daughters were off (school) sick,” she said. “My youngest daughter saw a man’s leg go past the bedroom.”

Ms Marks said the two girls managed to escape to a neigbour’s home and call the police. 

They’re both okay now but it certainly has made them anxious to be home alone.

Carolyn Marks

“The girls were very shaken,” she said. “They’re both okay now but it certainly has made them anxious to be home alone.

“It makes me very anxious and upset to think of the potential of what might have happened.

“The police have been incredibly respectful throughout the process.”

Ms Marks said the intruder stole her husband’s three war medals from his time served in Rwanda, her wedding rings, jewellery and a new laptop for her daughter’s upcoming birthday.

Every single officer is determined to gain intelligence on burglaries and recover as much property as we can for the victims.

Senior Constable James Stewart

Senior Constable Stewart alleged the accused had been pawning stolen items. 

“We contacted the local stores, including Cash Converters, and they were very helpful,” he said.

“We were provided the list of transactions and were able to identify several items that people had reported stolen.”

Senior Constable James Stewart said the Mandurah Proactive Team focused on burglaries and prohibited drugs.

“Every single officer is determined to gain intelligence on burglaries and recover as much property as we can for the victims,” he said.

“Every single day the guys focus on this.

“We just ask for the public's continued assistance.”

Senior Constable Stewart said burglaries fluctuated in the Mandurah area.

“It tends to go in waves,” he said. “You have a percentage of people who commit these crimes, and quite often they will get prison time.

“When our prolific offenders are in prison, we have a drop in burglaries in the area.”

A 23-year-old man will face the Mandurah Magistrates Court at a later date after being charged with 13 offences, including five home burglaries and one aggravated home burglary.