Falcon man fined after 'gruesome' dog attack on 92-year-old

Photo: Shutterstock.
Photo: Shutterstock.

A Falcon man has been ordered to pay more than $4500 after his american bulldog attacked a 92-year-old neighbour who nearly lost his leg from the “gruesome” injuries, the court was told.

Graham Schultz, 40, did not appear in the Mandurah Magistrates Court on Tuesday but had been served a notice for nine dog-related offences including failing to restrain a dog, being liable for a dog attack and being the owner of unregistered dogs.

City of Mandurah representative Adam Watts told the court Schultz’s dog, Jake, attacked another dog when it walked by the Falcon property on a lead with its owner, on March 20, 2018. 

The dog received puncture wounds to its leg and chest.

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Schultz’s other bulldog, Circus, also ran outside, but did not bite the dog. Mr Watts said Schultz ran out to his dogs and took them back inside.

The attack the following day was “serious” and “life threatening”, Mr Watts said. 

Schultz’s 92-year-old neighbour was checking his mail before Jake and Circus ran up to the man.

Jake bit the man on his right leg and foot causing him to fall to the ground. Circus stood nearby but did not attack the man.

Before handing over photos of the victim’s injuries, Mr Watts warned Magistrate Anne Longden of their graphic nature. 

“I will warn you, they are quite gruesome,” he said. 

Mr Watts said the man received multiple skin grafts to “prevent the loss of his leg”. 

He said the City of Mandurah rangers seized Circus, but were unable to get in contact with Schultz to obtain Jake.

Ms Longden said she would adjourn the application to euthanise Jake until October 9, 2018, after Schultz had been served a further notice. 

Schultz was fined $4500 with $1349.30 costs.