‘Horrific dog attack’: Woman calls for justice after daughter’s therapy cat mauled

A woman has called for justice after her daughter’s therapy cat was mauled in a “horrific dog attack” which has left the family traumatised. 

Jo-Ann Spedding had only just returned home to Mandurah after living in regional WA for 20 years.

Her family has been settling into a Dawesville property, which backs onto The Cut Golf Course, so Mrs Spedding would only let Kit Kat outside for short periods of time. 

“She was still getting used to the place, so I would only let her out before 5.30pm when dogs weren’t allowed on the golf course,” she said. 

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On Friday at 4pm, Mrs Spedding said she let the 11-month-old cat outside and saw it jump onto the back fence.

About five minutes later her dogs started barking. Ms Spedding said she saw a middle-aged man in a red weatherproof jacket near her back fence and heard him shout something like “get out of it”.

“I didn’t think much of it, because there are always people around getting golf balls,” she said. 

Mrs Spedding’s 12-year-old daughter walked outside to find the cat lying in the backyard, motionless and bleeding.

I’m asking him to do the right thing.

Joanne Spedding

Mrs Spedding said Kit Kat was taken to Falcon Veterinary Hospital, but could not be saved. 

“The attack was so severe her stomach was torn apart,” she said.

“The vet said it was a horrible attack.

“I didn’t see the dog and didn’t really take note of the man either, because I didn’t think anything had happened until we found Kit Kat bleeding.

“The man just fled right after.”

Mrs Spedding said she wanted the man to take responsibility for what had happened.

“I want to tell this man that he has no idea what he has done to this family,” she said.

“Emotionally my daughter is a mess.

“She slept with her, went everywhere with her. It was her fur baby.

“I’d never seen such a connection.

“The man needs to come forward and be responsible. His dog wasn’t on a lead and was on the course before 5.30pm. I’m asking him to do the right thing.”

If anyone had information Ms Spedding said she could be contacted on youniquedreams@outlook.com.