Wearable Art Mandurah drives growth in city’s arts tourism

Councillors have shown their support for the growth of arts tourism in the city and labelled Wearable Art Mandurah as a key event to drive the industry locally. 

Councillors recently discussed marketing Mandurah as a creative region after being presented with a report by city officers on the event’s future strategic direction.

The report outlined three options for the event’s future including downsizing, maintaining or growing it to a national and international level. 

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The report stated that Mandurah had already seen the value of one signature event in Crab Fest and recommended that the city continue the development of Wearable Art Mandurah as a second signature event.

Following significant discussion at their April council meeting, elected representatives endorsed recommendations to evaluate the event.

A motion moved by Coastal Ward councillor Tahlia Jones, which was seconded by Town Ward councillor Peter Rogers, recognised the value of arts tourism and the role Wearable Art Mandurah played. 

Ms Jones moved the recommendation subject to the inclusion of two amendments including ensuring the evaluation process explored sponsorship opportunities and requested that the budget allocation remained at the 2017/18 level in the 2018/19 budget.

Photo: Stephan Heath.

Photo: Stephan Heath.

An independent evaluation of Wearable Art Mandurah 2018 will be conducted, specifically relating to the project’s social and economic impacts.

A workshop will also be held with elected members and executive officers to give guidance to the scope of the evaluation and the requirements of the business case.

Councillors also unanimously noted their appreciation to staff for their establishment of the event to its current standard.

For more information on Wearable Art Mandurah visit www.wearableartmandurah.com.