Karnup youngster set to cut hair for McGrath Fondation

Most teenagers would be hoping for a new phone or to have a big party on their thirteenth birthday, but one Karnup youngster has instead, decided to cut her hair for a good cause. 

Layla Edwards will raise money for the McGrath Fondation when she lobs off her long locks on March 15. 

In the last three years, breast cancer has struck Layla’s family twice, with both her grandmother and aunty feeling the sting of the disease. 

Layla’s grandmother Christine was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 and has since had to have a double mastectomy. 

“Even [though] my mum and dad did their best to explain what was happening I knew it wasn't good news,” Layla said. 

“The cancer was detected through a regular mammogram and if it wasn't for that mammogram it may not have been detected so early as the lumps cant be felt by touch.”

Luckliy both women survived their battle with cancer. 

Minus the odd trim here and there, Layla hasn’t had a significant haircut since she was two-years-old. 

In late November 2017 Layla made the decision to cut her hair. 

Despite her brave face Layla said she was slightly nervous at the idea. 

Layla’s hair will go towards making “real fringe hair bands”, which are elastic headband with hair on them for chemotherapy patients.  

Layla and her mother Renne Beazley said they were overwhelmed by the support of the community.

Ms Beazley said a woman in their suburb who had suffered from breast cancer six years ago generously donated and asked to be present when Layla cut her hair. 

“She has even been collecting donations for Layla,” Ms Beazley said. 

Layla said one of her classmates gave all her pocket money to the cause. 

Renne Beazley, Leeanne Foster, Wyatt Beazley (5), Layla Edwards (12) and Jordyn Edwards (11). Photo: Caitlyn Rintoul.

Renne Beazley, Leeanne Foster, Wyatt Beazley (5), Layla Edwards (12) and Jordyn Edwards (11). Photo: Caitlyn Rintoul.

She thanked her teachers and classmates for being so supportive of her decision. 

Ms Beazley’s good friend and hairdresser Kym Dalby has volunteered her time to cut Layla’s hair. 

She also thanked the family owned business her husband worked for, Lane Industries, who donated $250 to the cause.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in Australia and the second most common cancer to cause death in women, after lung cancer.

To read more or find out how you can donate visit Layla’s Facebook page called Good Bye Layla’s Long Locks or her GoFundMe page

To find out more about the McGrath Foundation, visit www.mcgrathfoundation.com.au or www.facebook.com/McGrathFoundation.