Thousands rally to make their voices heard against COVID-19 vaccine mandates

Protestors across the Eastern States were vocalising a different concern over the weekend, rallying against COVID-19 vaccines in children.

ReclaimTheLine protestors from Newcastle, Bendigo, Warrnambool, Wagga Wagga and Tamworth were just some of the thousands who hit the streets and parks and make noise about the vaccines.

"This is still an experiment and our children are not lab rats so we need to take a stand," Newcastle ReclaimTheLine event organiser, Karen Burge said to a crowd of thousands.

Around 200 people marched down Baylis Street in Wagga Wagga on Saturday. Event organisers say the event went "really great" despite numbers not quite matching a similar event a month ago.

A similar number gathered at Lake Weerona in Bendigo on Saturday. One protester, David Thompson said the protests weren't about "being an anti-vaxxer" and were rather about people's rights and freedom.


In Tamworth, protestors gathered to listen to songs with anti-vaccination themes and speeches and had a barbeque.

In Warrnambool, one speaker appeared to lead the group in prayer, outlining the aim of the rally which she said was to "protect children" from what she claimed were the "adverse impacts" of COVID vaccines.

In Sydney, former Liberal MP Craig Kelly called Novak Djokovic "a political prisoner". The protest in the NSW was attended by at least 1000 people marched from Prince Alfred Park along Elizabeth Street, according to Nine News.

ReclaimTheLine protesters gather at Bendigo's Lake Weerona. Picture: DARREN HOWE

ReclaimTheLine protesters gather at Bendigo's Lake Weerona. Picture: DARREN HOWE

This story Protests against vax mandates across the country 'for the children' first appeared on Newcastle Herald.