Letters to the editor: 9 December 2021 Will we mandate to eradicate them next?

Pursue your dreams

What an inspiration for all of us the article (Mail, November 25) on Ammon Bennett.

Leaving his secure job in the mines, he decided to pursue his dream and became an opera singer, after successfully studying at WAAPA. And while having a young family and struggling with ADHD.

Ammon I can't wait to hear you sing one day at Mandurah Performing Arts Centre. I congratulate you with all my heart. How much happier a lot of us would be if only we had the courage to pursue our dreams and goals.

Julie Katsimbardis, Erskine

Urgent plans needed for new hospital

COVID and hospital ramping are the two most important topics ever in our life and politicians continue to avoid a frontal assault and have done so for some time.

I suggest we need some commonsense as these issues will become worse. I cannot accept that shutting the WA border is the only strategy that will keep us safe, sooner or later we will be thrust back into surviving with COVID.

Does anyone else see how this might be a problem ?

Why aren't we implementing urgent plans for at least one new major hospital in the south of our state?

What about a unique pop-up hospital also. A quarantine staging clinic that can be ramped up or down as required or staffing training incentives and redeployment.

Why can't we plan to incentivise doctors and nurses from say the UK with housing, flights and relocation?

COVID is not going away we need to look at workable solutions as this could take our freedom forever.

Shouldn't we force our state and federal government to take real control, after all, they want the power to extend the State of Emergency?

Why couldn't the government approach our multi-billionaires such as Andrew Forrest, Gina Rhinehart, Chris Ellison, Kerry Stokes and companies BHP, Rio Tinto and Woodside to build a hospital named after them.

I think priority should be on COVID as it is one of the biggest threats the world has. Vaccination and closing borders is not a long-term solution.

Whether we like it or not some people will not get vaccinated and treating them like lepers will not help - will we mandate to eradicate them next?

Anthony Iannello, Halls Head

Ode brings humour

Seeing our very popular hard working local member for Mandurah, David Templeman, in our Mandurah Mail at the close of parliament doing his thing and entertaining both sides of politics was great to see.

Mind you, they were very lucky he was not wearing his stage makeup as he can look pretty scary.

David is a brilliant entertainer along with his difficult political occupation so to see him relaxed and singing Frank Sinatra's "My Way" would have brought a great sense of humour and relaxation after what has been a hard year for everyone in political life.

Good on you David, our local member and great bloke.

Charlie Gibson, Falcon

Campaign of fear

Relentlessly it goes on, a never-ending campaign of fear designed to bring destruction, chaos and decimation to a sleeping global society.

Not so long ago we were amused by the doctrine of forced depopulation being advanced by people like Bill Gates and Charles Schwab (World Economic Forum) saying, "How can that possibly be done?"

Now we are witnessing how it is being done.

Health has nothing to do with the agenda and fear and control everything to do with it.

If health and well-being were the agenda, our government/media duopoly and 'health authorities', our doctors, scientists and pharmaceutical companies would be rejoicing - because the cures, that are deliberately being withheld, are out there and being used very successfully.

Every doctor, scientist, politician, and pharmacist that withhold a known cure to a dangerous disease or life-threatening intervention from the population are complicit in genocide and crimes against humanity.

The only fear I have is that these individuals will continue to be supported in their evil endeavour by the sleeping majority until billions of dead are added to the millions already known, and they can no longer hide their crimes. There are no excuses for these people, there can be no cry of "I was doing what I was told" and deliberately inject people with a substance that is proven beyond all reasonable doubt to kill people.

Peter Want, Halls Head

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