Letters to the Editor: 18 November 2021

Thanks to Karyn Ellis for sharing this photo of rainbow lorikeets in Mandurah. Send your photo to editor@mandurahmail.com.au
Thanks to Karyn Ellis for sharing this photo of rainbow lorikeets in Mandurah. Send your photo to editor@mandurahmail.com.au

What the McGowan Government is doing in not allowing fully vaccinated people to travel across the borders of other states once we achieve 80 per cent is not acceptable as he is definitely putting political gain before the people of WA. He hides behind the COVID generalisation that he is keeping his state safer than any other and that he has family in other states and that makes it okay. I don't think we deserve to be treated without respect and by someone who vowed to be a premier for the people of WA. Because he won a state election unequivocally does not give him the right to treat us as fools. He is driven purely by ambition to unseat the Morrison Government which is why he disagrees with everything the Liberal Federal leader says and does. He has no confidence in Anthony Albanese which is why he is making the federal election in WA about him versus Scott Morrison; it is as plain as day. Imagine the dictatorship he would control if he could claim that he changed the result of the federal election. We will not get to 90 per cent - but he will open borders when he sees a political advantage to do so. Our hospitals are in a desperate situation and our state government is in denial. This is what happens when there is no true opposition. This government must be held accountable as they are definitely not representing all Western Australians .

Anthony Ianello, Halls Head

I guess to some extent the passing of the great Bert Newton has been lost because it was caught up in the activity surrounding our lovely Cleo. However, it was a very sad time as Bert was a media legend over such a long time in a very harsh and cruel business. As we watched his loss on television we saw the wonderful Graham Kennedy and also Don Lane who Bert worked alongside when they rode high in the media. Bert played "second fiddle" to many great television personalities but was a survivor in a tough business. Thank you Bert for what you were. A great person and a brilliant entertainer in your own right. God Bless.

Charlie Gibson, Falcon

It may appear that the age-old saying "there are two sides to every story", with its concomitant concept of balanced judgement, has passed its 'used-by' date and become irrelevant in the national mass-consciousness of Australian society. "Love thy neighbour" has evolved into "love the like-minded" and "freedom to choose" into "freedom through obedience." It is worth noting that this new form of freedom relates to material reward (selfishness) while the 'old' form relates to material interdependence (selflessness). That all humanity, let alone Australians, have yet to evolve to the high moral ideal of "love thy neighbour" is surely undeniable from creation to this present day. This ideal is couched in the singular tense because humanity, as a whole, is not going to make it. We are each being given yet another opportunity to choose our destiny.

Peter Want, Halls Head