Letters to the Editor: 8 July 2021

Letters to the editor: A dog attack, a poem and living in Mandurah as an immigrant

I would like to publicly thank the two young ladies who came to my assistance when my dog and I were being savaged by a dog on the loose. This incident occurred on Friday, June 25 about halfway along Exchequer Ave. in Greenfields about 7:45 a.m. A black Staffordshire Terrier ran toward us at top speed and savagely attacked my dog. In an effort to separate the dogs I sustained injuries to my right hand inflicted by the staffy. Being on blood thinners and bleeding profusely from my hand thankfully caught the attention of a brave young woman, Amy who stopped her car and was able to drag the offending dog away from me and call the ranger. Another young woman, Narelle saw me walking home and offered to take my dog and I home. She then took me to Peel E.D. and waited until I was called into the treatment room. After an intensive three-hour operation at Fremantle Hospital the next day my hand is healing nicely. Once again I would like to thank Amy and Narelle for their assistance and concern, and plead with dog owners to make sure their dogs can't escape their yard and are on a lead when being exercised.

Henk Hovingh, Greenfields (abridged)

Robert Fey took this photo on a foggy morning in Mandurah. Have you captured the fog recently. Email editor@mandurahmail.com.au

Robert Fey took this photo on a foggy morning in Mandurah. Have you captured the fog recently. Email editor@mandurahmail.com.au

My beautiful friend Annie wrote this poem and I thought it was so inspirational that I had to share it. The pain I feel for what has been is deep within my being. This does not mean my own hard time has stripped me of my seeing. The suffering of all who live on earth that brings me to believe that you are not the first or only soul to grieve. So when life becomes a battle you alone must fight. Remember those among us for their inspirational might. Let your heart feel for those who often weep alone. Kindness in another trouble and courage in your own. You are a soldier -a brother - a hand that brings hope. When the world and its beings can no longer cope. So count your blessings every day and always be a friend. To those who need the hand of kindness which helps you both to mend.

Jody Saul, Erskine

I'm a 61-year old woman who married an Australian man in my home country of Singapore many years ago. When I became an Australian permanent resident I took on my husband's name. In 2014 I took out a learners driving permit, but too stressful and gave up and I was using the license as a form of ID until it expired. My bank advised me to go to the Department of Transport and they would issue me a photo ID card. I called DoT who confirmed my details on the computer. The manager at the Mandurah office said I needed to more ID, second visit I produced Commonwealth carers card, Medicare card but needed more, third visit included bank statements, council rates notice, titles office documents and more, all in my married name, still rejected, told they don't recognise any foreign documents like my marriage certificate? After months I was told to change my name at births deaths marriages? Who have no record of me, as I have only foreign documents to say I am married? With my husband's help we contacted our local MPs but none was forthcoming, just do as told by DOT, applied to speak to the Minister, that was rejected and told to change name that has been mine for all my years as PR in this country.

Yvonne Hodge, Halls Head (abridged)

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