'Always my passion': Mandurah resident Jahan set to launch Jaste the Label

Ambitious entrepreneur: Mandurah resident Jahan Stevenson is launching a fashion label at just 20-years-old. Photo: Supplied.

Ambitious entrepreneur: Mandurah resident Jahan Stevenson is launching a fashion label at just 20-years-old. Photo: Supplied.

"It was always in my head that I wanted to be a fashion designer," said Jahan Stevenson, who was only five when she first started sewing.

"When I was little I would make clothes for my Barbies and my toys.

"It was always a passion for me there was never anything else."

Now 20 and creating clothes for herself and friends, Jahan is following in her grandma's and mum's footsteps by starting her own fashion label.

She is set to make evening wear and basics for young women, with Jaste the Label launching on July 7.

"Since the beginning of this year I've been really thinking about creating a label because every time I go out I make my own clothes. People always compliment my clothes and ask where it's from," Jahan said.

"I tell them I made it and they often ask if I have a page. That really motivated me to start a business just because of how many people ask me about my clothes.

"It's always been my dream but because of university and work I never put aside a time for it until now."

Various cultures had an influence

The Stevenson family moved around a lot when Jahan was growing up.

She said visiting fabric shops in different countries was what inspired her to get into fashion.

"Growing up I lived in different places like America and Thailand so I know the style each of those countries wear," she said.

"I remember going to fabric shops and thinking about what I could make. It definitely inspired me.

"Travelling has influenced a lot of my designs."

Working more than most

With the launch only a month away, Jahan has been up all hours of the night creating clothes and preparing her website.

"I work until midnight or even later just designing, and planning especially with my launch party coming up in July," she said.

"It's so much to put together especially because I'm doing everything on my own as well. The website, the designs, and the making with the help of my mum.

"It's definitely an extra workload on top of university and work but I wouldn't change it for anything else."

Doing all this work from her home it means Jaste the Label will be sustainable and custom.

"It's all ethical, sustainable fashion. I'm making it all from my house and supporting local when I need to find my supplies," Jahan said.

"My clothes are all one-off pieces so if anyone likes them they can order it in a size and colour they want.

"The good thing about it is that only one person will have that outfit."

Big plans for the future

Currently a fashion student at Curtin University, Jahan said she was excited to develop her fashion design skills.

"I'm going into my second year next semester," she said.

"I'm really enjoying it and creating all the assignments. I'm very passionate about it."

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Speaking of the future, Jahan has international plans for her fashion label.

"Like any other brand my dream is for celebrities to get to wear them," she said.

"Once my brand hopefully takes off I want it to evolve into a boutique and then branch out across the world."

To find out more about Jahan and Jaste the Label visit the page on Facebook.