Letters to the Editor: 1 April 2021

Re: 'Building homes for everyone' (Mail, Senior's Lifestyle, March 25).

I fully agree with the campaign for building better homes to get rules changed to make basic accessibility features mandatory in housing construction. It is about time some forethought was put into new homes to cater for all walks of life and all generations.

I have a very dear family friend who is a paraplegic. He would love to visit me but my home does not cater for wheelchair use, e.g. one brick step high to get inside front door, toilet door not wide enough for him to enter with his wheelchair and room itself too small. I have built a ramp at the doorway but there is nothing I can do about the toilet.

I hope this campaign gathers momentum and common sense prevails so that older people and those with mobility problems can stay in their homes without having to do major renovations or having to move.

Tina Frost, Mandurah

Dog beach conduct

I love our dog beach in Halls Head. Most dog owners are responsible and respectful. Please remember to never bring your dog to a dog beach if she is on heat. Even neutered dogs can be affected.

If you don't have a dog, please don't bring your children to a dog beach. Dogs are rough and tumble. This is of great concern to responsible dog owners concerned about accidental injury. If your dog is frightened by other dogs, please do not park yourself in the middle of the beach. You have effectively cornered a third of the beach - head for one of the groyne areas instead, it gives you and your dog a better safe zone. Consider a slow introduction to a doggy play group. It may help your dog.

There are two basic steps in picking up your dog's poop.1) Put it in bag. 2) Put the poop bag in a bin. Even a big dog's poop doesn't weigh much. Responsible dog owners get frustrated when finding poop bags lying about. Shameful, irresponsible, and lazy conduct.

Rere Huia Luckman, Falcon

Why does it take an article?

Because of all the mozzies recently, I called the council to see if they were going to spray anytime soon. I was told that they were not. Now that there has been a writeup in your paper it seems that there has been action and there has been a helicopter out spraying. Why does it take someone to write the press before we get it done? We suffer every year from mozzies and have done ever since the area has been built.

Colin Eaves, Dudley Park

Petrol pricing unbelievable

Not being the brightest light in the street I cannot remember if there are seven or eight great wonders of the world. Well I reckon I have found number nine and that is the petrol pricing every Wednesday in Mandurah at petrol stations. Why do the prices go up every Wednesday by 40 to 50 cents and then ease back to the following Tuesday? If this happened with milk or bread there would be protests flooding the streets. This has gone on for years and we never get an explanation from oil companies or politicians who are there to protect the people from being duded. Unbelievable, but permanent.

Charlie Gibson, Falcon

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Malcolm Burton took this shot from Halls Head. Send your photo to editor@mandurahmail.com.au

Malcolm Burton took this shot from Halls Head. Send your photo to editor@mandurahmail.com.au