'I couldn't believe it': Mandurah food truck vendor upset by parking laws

Mandurah resident Dan Davis faced having to move his food truck off his property. Photo: Supplied.
Mandurah resident Dan Davis faced having to move his food truck off his property. Photo: Supplied.

Dan Davis had plans of opening up a food truck, but his business idea was put on hold when he faced the prospect of needing to move the trailer off his property.

The Mandurah resident bought a food truck as a back up plan due to COVID-19, but was given a verbal warning from the City of Mandurah that he needed to store his trailer elsewhere by March.

"Someone had complained about my food truck being in the driveway," Mr Davis said.

"I was a bit upset and frustrated over the notice as I rang the council before I bought the food truck to make sure I was allowed, which I was told I was.

"I couldn't believe it - it's okay to have a caravan twice the size but you're not allowed to have a trailer or food truck for a business on your property."

According to City of Mandurah commercial parking laws, no licensed or unlicensed commercial vehicle should be parked or remain stationery for more than two hours on any land zoned residential...unless:

  • it is housed in a domestic garage or domestic outbuilding
  • the vehicle is being used in connection with building, construction works or any other use approved by council for that land
  • council has issued a planning approval permitting the parking of such a vehicle

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Luckily, Mr Davis was able to keep the food truck on his premises with the help of a few Mandurah councillors but was upset at the stress it put him under.

"The rules have been changed so we are allowed to keep up to four and a half tonnes on our premises," he said.

"At least they've made changes to the laws recently but it's a shame council doesn't inform the people that are ringing to complain because it put me under a lot of stress.

"I was just really upset and frustrated at the whole situation - it only takes one complaint against you and they come after you."

Mr Davis is now in the process of opening up his food van, which will be called Go-To Food Truck.