What a waste: Mandurah's recycling heading for landfill after contract negotiations fall through

Photo: File Image.
Photo: File Image.

Mandurah's recycling is temporarily being diverted to landfill after a contract between two of Western Australia's recycling processors collapsed.

All of Mandurah's recycling was processed at Cleanaway's Material Recovery Facility in Guilford, before it was destroyed by fire in November.

In December, the Mandurah Mail reported the City had arranged an immediate alternative measure to handle all materials at South Metropolitan Regional Council's (SMRC) Canning Vale facility.

The arrangement was in place for all 20 local governments around the state with a Cleanaway contract but was terminated on January 24 when Cleanaway and SMRC were unable to negotiate any further agreements.

In a media release on Wednesday, the City of Mandurah confirmed all recycling since then had been diverted to landfill.

In the statement, Mandurah mayor Rhys Williams said an alternative solution was the City's number one priority.

"Given that we are talking about almost 50 per cent of the state's recycling not being processed at this time, this is a major issue for Western Australia and an issue of state significance," he said.

"The solution to this matter will not be a Mandurah solution alone, but requires all parties to work urgently on finding a resolution."

Almost 3500 tonnes of recyclables from the City of Mandurah had been collected and sent to Cleanaway's recycling facility for processing before the catastrophic fire last year.

Mr Williams said the City held talks with Cleanaway on February 5 to stress the urgency of finding a solution.

"Our expectation is that all parties will be at the table negotiating in good faith, and will remain at the table until a solution is determined," he said.

"We will continue to keep the community updated, as the circumstances are evolving quickly.

"In the meantime, households can assist by reducing consumption where possible and continuing to process your own waste as you always have - using the yellow-lid bin for your recycling materials."

It is unknown how long the City of Mandurah's recycling will be temporarily dumped in landfill.

For more information on Mandurah's recycling, visit the City of Mandurah website.

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