Mandurah teen 'lucky to be alive' after Smart Street Mall one-punch attack

Jayden Stephens and his father Darren Stephens. The pair are happy Jayden has recovered from his injuries. Photo: Carla Hildebrandt.
Jayden Stephens and his father Darren Stephens. The pair are happy Jayden has recovered from his injuries. Photo: Carla Hildebrandt.

A 19-year-old Mandurah teenager and victim of a one-punch attack that instantly broke his jaw in three places says he would be dead if the stranger's fist made contact with his temple.

Jayden Stephens said Saturday, August 10, started like any other night in Mandurah.

He went to dinner with his friends at Cobbler's Tavern before getting an Uber into town, continuing the night of drinking and socialising at Norma Jeans nightclub.

But, Jayden was not aware he would wake up three days later in hospital with dislodged teeth and a broken jaw, with detectives at his side.

Jayden said he left the nightclub on Sunday morning, about 4.15am.

"I was just walking thought the car park between Norma Jeans and the surf shop, saying goodbye to someone," he said.

"Before (the offender) ran 10 metres and smacked me straight in the mouth."

Jayden said he was stunned, but managed to stay on his feet.

"I had a broken jaw and my teeth were all caved in, but I somehow managed to ask him why he'd hit me," he said.

"I've been told I should have been knocked unconscious from the impact of the hit."

Medical staff told Jayden his jaw moved 30 millimeters, which would have killed him if this same forced had collided with his temple.

"I'm lucky to be alive," he said.

"Looking at CCTV footage of the incident, you can almost feel the impact."

Jayden said the incident was captured on eight CCTV cameras and there were five witnesses.

"As soon as I reported it, police identified him within 15 minutes," he said.

The boilermaker apprentice said he was unable to work for three weeks, with his father Darren taking compassionate leave to care for him.

Jayden said his friend was also punched by a stranger near the same spot on Smart Street Mall on November 22, ending up in hospital.

"When you're with six or seven people, you think nothing will happen," he said.

"You go out, have a good night, get food afterwards.

"That street, people try and prove they're bigger than others.

"I think it's weak. Especially a one-punch attack. I didn't have the chance to defend myself."

Jayden's father Daniel said his son looked like "Elephant Man" when he arrived at hospital, but he was happy he was alive.

"I was relieved and thought, 'we can get through this'," he said.

Secret Harbour man Jordan Lee Glasper, 24, pleaded guilty to the assault when he appeared in the Mandurah Magistrates court on November 29.

Outside of court, he told the Mandurah Mail he was sorry for the attack and wanted to apologise to Jayden, but was forbidden under his bail conditions.

"It was a big night," he said.

"It was my birthday weekend and it went pear shaped."

The fly-in fly-out worker said he had been "drunk and stupid" and was remorseful for his actions.

"I did something I shouldn't have done," he said.

"The damage I have done has been affecting me and my work."

Glasper is due to be sentenced on January 31.