How to handle tough times: A message from headspace Mandurah

How do you handle tough times?

We know life will have ups and downs and there will be times when we struggle, which is why it is so important to have skills to bounce back when life gets tough.

Wednesday, October 9, was headspace Day - a time to encourage people to learn simple tips to help them maintain a healthy headspace.

There are lots of small steps you can take to help you live your life in a positive and meaningful way.

Check out our tips below, and visit the headspace website to create your personalised action plan.

Get into life; find the things you love to do and keep doing them! From drawing to making music or learning a language, our hobbies and skills can help fill our time and give our days meaning.

Learn skills for tough times; there are lots of strategies to help us manage difficult emotions and situations, so it's great to try as many as you can and find what works for you.

Create connections; spending time with friends, family and the community can strengthen your mental health, so keep in contact and plan catch-ups.

Eat well; there's a strong link between what we eat and how we feel. Make sure to get a variety of nutrients from many sources and drink lots of water.

Stay active; moving your body can help you sleep better, manage stress and boost your mood. Find an activity that you enjoy doing and start small.

Get enough sleep; did you know teenagers should get about nine hours sleep a night? Sleep is essential for your brain and body to function at its best.

Cut back on alcohol and other drugs; alcohol and other drugs can interfere with your mental health and make it harder to manage your moods.

The headspace Mandurah team are based at 91 Allnutt Street.

Call headspace Mandurah on 9544 5900 or visit

Annabeth Bateman is the headspace Mandurah Community Engagement Officer.