Dunny Derby is number one AND two at Winton's Outback Festival

Come in number two, your time is up! No it's not a crap song, though the shit was a hit with the fans at Winton on Friday.

The boggy field of Winton Showgrounds in central-west Queensland was transformed into a palace of poo as the crowd went potty for the 2019 Dunny Derby, the highlight of the biennial Outback Festival.

Hundreds of locals and tourists lined the poop deck to watch the fun as the dunny Rolls Royce event brings almost 20 teams of five together, four of them pushing the lavatory while the "jockey" sits on his or her throne.

But don't envy the jockey too much, there's an official weigh in and if they can't muster 75kg then they have extra weight to carry.

Then they have to start with jockey's jock's around their ankles as they race to the loo at the starting line.

And just in case they relieve themselves along the way, they have to weigh in again afterwards to make sure no underpant Fine Cotton nonsense went on along the way.

This year's event even brought an international team with Icelandic comedian Steindi and his mate Doni doing a program for Icelandic TV, competing as the "Wipekings" and handing out dozens of Icelandic flags.

Sadly Thor's warriors must have fought without dunnies back in the day as the Scandinavians finished last in their heat.

Mount Isa dung better with the "Bog Splatter" team bringing an upper (ladies) and lower (men) house of bewigged and behatted representatives and frightening the KRAP out of locals.

But one of Winton's own pollies came away with the glittering prizes.

Mayor Gavin "Hell in a Hand" Baskett showed his yee-hah dancing skills for the Texas Long Drops and Dropettes which won the parade, before being part of the Long Drops team that won the final and took out the overall toilet bowl trophy.

Toilet roll makers Quilton and Bowelscreen Australia took advantage of all the bad puns on offer to sponsor the event and the latter even provided toilet-shaped seating for the crowd.

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