Make-A-Wish Mandurah host special celebration for founding member

Volunteers at Mandurah's Make-A-Wish op-shop gathered on Wednesday morning to host a special morning tea in celebration of one of the Mandurah Rockingham branch founders, Julie Possaris.

Ms Possaris started the branch in 1994 with her mother and daughter but will now step away from her commitments after 25 years of volunteer service.

She helped to open the Wishing You Well op-shop in Mandurah - believed to be one of only two in the country that uses the proceeds of donated items to make the dreams of seriously ill children in the Peel region a reality.

Current president Jenny Connolly spoke at the event and presented Ms Possaris with a book detailing all her work at Make-A-Wish, as well as a rose tree.

Ms Connolly said it was "a happy day, but also a sad day".

"From small things, big things grow," she said.

"You've been the secretary and have done so many fundraising ventures which we are trying to continue."

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Ms Possaris, who was brought to tears by Ms Connolly's kind words, said it was her time to leave the reigns in more capable hands.

"I love coming to Make-A-Wish but I can't pull my weight anymore and I don't like to make people do work for me when I can't," she said.

"I'm not giving my shirt back though so if I get lonely or miserable, I can put it on and come in to do an hour's work but maybe I'll just buzz in and annoy the girls.

"I'll continue volunteering at the kiosk in Peel Health Campus and going to luncheons with the Red Cross girls."

Ms Possaris said she will also spend her days fishing, gardening and spoiling her two cats.

The Make-A-Wish Wishing You Well op-shop is located on the corner of Kulin Way and Reserve Drive in Mandurah and accepts pre-loved clothing, bric-a-brac and other items.

Volunteers are always welcome. To get in touch, call 9583 3216.