Annette Cold Case Unlocked: Videos from Jeff Beaman's 1999 investigation

Episode 3 of the true-crime podcast series Annette: Cold Case Unlocked examines police investigations immediately after 19-year-old Annette Deverell disappeared from Mandurah in September 1980 and two years later when her remains were found nearby in 1982, plus police detective Jeff Beaman's review of the case materials in 1999.

Mr Beaman was a detective leading a team of officers in Mandurah.

He reviewed the case, among his daily jobs, for about six months.

A video below, supplied by Nine, shows his efforts to find out what happened to Annette.


Nine News video from 1999.
A video released to media from Crime Stoppers. Video: Nine.

Below: Current videos of Jeff Beaman and Bruce Scott.

Current video of Jeff Beaman. Video: Carla Hildebrandt/Mandurah Mail.
Bruce Scott speaks about his experience working in the Mandurah area as a detective in the lead up to Annette's disappearance. Video: Carla Hildebrandt/Mandurah Mail.