Annette Cold Case Unlocked: Who's who on the podcast

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Margaret Carver hopes to find out what happened to her daughter and believes Annette "knew her killer".


Barbara Calleja says she had a drink with Annette on the night she disappeared. The image of Annette leaving the bar waving is imprinted in her memory.

Steve Anderson went to Pinjarra Senior High School with Annette. He remembers confusion on the night she went missing. "Where is she? She hasn't shown up."

Sharlene Anderson regularly went out dancing with Annette at local pubs in Mandurah.

John McCarthy remembers seeing Annette walking along Pinjarra Road the night she disappeared.

Tracey Hickman was a year younger than Annette school, but remembers her being "unique".

Debbie Thompson was one of Annette's closest friends. She said she would do "anything" for Annette. She says Margaret needs justice for her daughter.

Trevor Hewitt was Annette's school friend. He said Annette had "spunk". He reckons she knew her killer, or killers.

Tracey Glasson said Annette was one of the "cool" kids at school.

Eugene White went to school with Annette. He has many questions about the mystery.

Shelley Anderson was a few years younger than Annette at school.

Sandy McMahen did not go to school with Annette, but met her later thorough mutual friends. She remembers Annette being close to her younger brothers.


John McCourt is now the chief executive officer of the WA RSL, but in 1980 he was a journalist at the Coastal District Times newspaper. He says Annette's disappearance was "the story of the week, story of the month, story of the year."


Former Mandurah detective Jeff Beaman reviewed the case in 1999. He thinks more than one person in Mandurah would have information that could lead to police solving the case.

In the mid-1970s, Bruce Scott investigated serious crime in Rockingham, which included the Mandurah area. He recalls it as the "busiest Criminal Investigations Branch in the state".

Barrie Rolinson investigated Annette's disappearance when she was a missing person and again when her remains were found.

Barrie's wife Cynthia Rolinson describes the tough times for police working in the 80s, with "long hours".

WA Police cold case officer in charge detective sergeant Tony Rosenberg says he would like Annette's family to finally have answers.