Mandurah music novices and professionals come together for inclusive jam session

A dynamic program is changing the lives of Mandurah residents, offering inclusive sessions to learn an instrument and channel their creativity.

The Catch Music program welcomes people of every skill level, as well as those from marginalised backgrounds or with a disability, to make music together.

Led by professional local musicians Terry Glascoe and Chris Portlock, the group meet every Wednesday night at the Billy Dower Youth Centre for a jam session, belting out both well-known and original songs.

Catch Music coordinator Eduardo Cossio said the non-for-profit organisation had been making music in Mandurah for more than three years.

"It's all about making music available and accessible in the community and without any barriers of skill," he said.

"It is a very safe environment for people to experience and learn about music.

"Many participants have begun to feel inspired and started writing songs so it really is also a process of discovery for many."

It is a very safe environment for people to experience and learn about music.

Catch Music coordinator Eduardo Cossio

Mr Cossio said the program promoted a "very inclusive and equal culture" and had a number of social, as well as creative benefits.

"The social aspect of music is a big thing for us - we hold events with all the members of the Catch community to meet other participants," he said.

"Many people have started their own sub groups with people from the sessions to begin their own projects so it's this network that keeps growing and developing.

"Every session you have people from such different background and in our day-to-day lives, we don't typically get to meet many people from different backgrounds but that's different at a Catch music session."

Mr Cossio said, as well as being rewarding for everyone making music, the program was equally gratifying for him to oversee.

"The sessions have their own flavour and are very lively," he said.

"Some participants have become very proficient and some are still getting there but the fact that people are coming along and putting everything they have into the music, it is quite uplifting to see that.

"Their passion adds a lot of vibrancy to the performance - it's so nice to see music being performed by artists who are just discovering they can do it."

The Catch Music crew meet every Wednesday from 6.30pm at the Billy Dower Youth Centre - one of nine sessions across the Perth and Peel regions.

The organisers are hoping to broaden the Mandurah audience of the music-making program by hosting community performances and involving other local groups in events.

For more information, or to sign up, visit the Catch Music website.