Science fascinates Ocean Road Primary School students

Students from Ocean Road Primary School embraced National Science Week earlier this month - Australia's annual celebration of science and technology

'Destination Moon: more missions, more science' was the school theme for 2019.

Students across the school were involved in a whole-school STEM challenge.

All students participated in the challenge and classroom teachers selected two winners based on creativity, design and the completed product.

Winning students were invited to attend a reward session involving a range of activities including Dash and Dots, coding and playing card challenges.

Ocean Road Primary School's science extension students, the Young Einsteins, worked with science specialist Kathryn Smith to prepare a lesson to present to classes across the school based on a scientific inquiry of their choice.

Lessons included bicarbonate balloons, lava lamps and fireworks in a jar.

Pre-primary students had an introductory visit to the science room with their teachers, where the Young Einsteins worked with them on a rotation basis on a range of scientific experiments.

Year 5 and 6 students had the opportunity to work with physicist Dave Matthews. Students were involved in a number of activities that explored sound and resonance.

Year 4 students Madalyn and Kaitlin enjoyed participating in their science experiment and loved watching how the reaction from bicarb and vinegar blew up their balloon.