Comment: Authorities dodge our questions on Mandurah flammable cladding

The Grenfell Tower fire in London in June, 2017, cost the lives of 72 people. Photo: File image.
The Grenfell Tower fire in London in June, 2017, cost the lives of 72 people. Photo: File image.

As reported last week, two high-rise apartment buildings in Mandurah have been identified as being encased with flammable cladding, with remediation work needed to rectify the issue - but which ones are they?

The buildings were identified during a state-wide government audit of flammable cladding after the tragic Grenfell Tower fire in London, which resulted in 72 deaths in June 2017.

It is believed the rapid spread of fire was caused by cladding on the building's exterior.

The Mandurah Mail has been trying to get to the bottom of the issue to inform residents and neighbours, but has been knocked back by the authorities, who think the matter is not in the public interest.

In the Peel region, 122 buildings were audited, with 10 requiring detailed risk assessments. Of these, eight buildings required no further action and two were identified with dangerous cladding and were referred to the City of Mandurah.

A state government spokesman said the owners of the residential properties have been notified.

Does that mean the residents who rent an apartment within the complex have been told?

What if the properties within the apartment buildings are being rented out for short-stay accommodation - have these people have been notified of the risks?

What if you are a neighbour of one of these buildings? Don't you have the right to know which buildings they are?

What about the builder of the properties? Shouldn't they have media scrutiny put on them and questions to answer?

How are we supposed to know if appropriate work is being done to rectify the issue, or if it has been completed, if the authorities will not answer questions on the issue?

One of the media's responsibilities is to ask the tough questions and hold authorities to account on behalf of the community.

It's difficult in instances like this.