Peel region Vietnam Veterans to be honoured at service

Members of the community will pause to honour the tireless efforts of our local Vietnam War servicemen and women at this year's Vietnam Veterans Day ceremony on Sunday.

Hosted by the Mandurah Murray Vietnam and Veterans Group (MMVVG), the commemorative service will see hundreds turn out to pay their respects.

But for those who served in the war, the day will be a reflection of the hardships they endured and a reminder of the mates they made and lost along the way.

That rings true for MMVVG members like Colin Elton.

Mr Elton spent 12 months stationed at Nui Dat in the Vietnam War, celebrating his 20th birthday during the conflict before returning home on July 16, 1969.

He looks to every Vietnam Veterans Day as a chance to honour his fellow servicemen.

"Sitting there [at the ceremony every year], your mind does drift back to your time in service and you remember a lot of it," he said.

"It's definitely a day for reflection, but also a day to recognise exactly what all those people in service gave to our country.

"No one single person's service is worth more or less than someone else's, so it's a chance to pay homage to all that were part of the war in some way."

Mr Elton joined the Mandurah Murray group in 2001, just two years after its inception.

The group's motto at the time was "have fun, and look after your mates", a theme that still hits home within the walls of their Ravenswood base.

"Mateship sort of goes hand-in-hand with Vietnam vets," Mr Elton said.

"Everyone comes together under a common cause and that's also signified on Vietnam Veterans Day.

"You reflect on the bonds you made with people and you remember those that gave the ultimate sacrifice."

The Mandurah Murray Vietnam and Veterans Group will hold their annual service at the Mandurah War Memorial this Sunday, August 18 at 11am.

Proceedings will feature a wreath-laying, with a post-service fellowship to be held at the Mandurah RSL headquarters at 20-22 Rouse Road, Greenfields at 12pm.