David Templeman: It's time for Mandurah to deal with crime as a community

The recent, high-profile incidents of crime in Mandurah are concerning and have understandably heightened many people's fears about overall levels of crime here - those responsible deserve condemnation.

Last week I spoke to the Premier and the Minister for Police about the concerns raised about crime and anti-sociable behaviour in Mandurah. I also met with the mayor and senior police to discuss the issue and an action plan.

I'm pleased that police have responded with a campaign targeting the CBD and patrols will be enhanced. We've invested a lot of money upgrading CCTV in the CBD and I will work with the council to look at other measures that are required.

There's no doubt that a zero tolerance approach is required to respond to these challenges. I've requested that a concerted police effort is maintained and reinforced and that additional resources be diverted to assist in this effort.

As local member and a long-term resident of Mandurah with a young family, I recognise that we need to strongly support our local police force, lobby for increased resources and each and every one of us be vigilant.

Lots of people also see things that they know are not right, but don't always report the crime or suspicious behaviour.

If you see someone acting suspiciously, take note of their details and report it. If you know of someone that is dealing in drugs, dob them in.

But let's not allow this to define Mandurah. This is a magnificent place to live. So many wonderful people and organisations continue to do magnificent things.

We don't need to let spikes in crime or antisocial behaviour trash our brand.

We need to respond to those issues and work together for solutions, but let's not allow Mandurah's reputation and future be tarnished.

David Templeman is Mandurah MP.