Mandurah men sentenced over two serious family assaults

Two men were recently sentenced in the Mandurah Magistrates Court for committing serious domestic violence assaults, including a man who bit, slapped and choked his five-month pregnant partner.

Michael Allan Eugen O'Callaghan, 31, appeared in court on June 28 and pleaded guilty to the assault, which happened about 8.30pm on May 25 at his Mandurah home.

Police prosecutor Tamara Read told the court O'Callaghan and the victim, his partner of two years, were lying on their bed drinking wine and discussing their future.

She said O'Callaghan hugged the victim before she bit his shoulder. She said O'Callaghan bit her left cheek leaving a bite mark.

Senior Constable Read said the victim kicked out of the embrace, before O'Callaghan slapped the right side of her face.

She said O'Callaghan grabbed the victim from behind, holding her dressing gown, letting go when he heard her making choking sounds.

O'Callaghan's lawyer Damien Cripps told the court his client was partaking in a 24-week intensive domestic violence program and counselling.

Mr Cripps said O'Callaghan made no excuse for his wrongdoing.

"He should not have had a hand on her in any way, shape or form," he said.

Ms Longden said the assault was a "sinister act" on a person O'Callaghan was "supposed to protect".

"It's a real worry - and that you would do this while she was pregnant," she said.

O'Callaghan was sentenced to 10 months prison, suspended for 18 months.

On the same day, Christopher Norman Ferguson, 38, pleaded guilty to assaulting his partner of seven years at about 10.30pm on June 14, 2019, at their home in in Meadow Springs.

Senior Constable Read said the victim had spilled coffee on the floor and swore, before Ferguson became angry she would wake their sleeping child.

She said Ferguson grabbed the victim's face and shook her head from side to side before strangling her.

The victim received injuries including a split lower lip and a bruised neck.

Magistrate Longden told the court she had received a letter from the victim asking police to drop the charges.

The man was sentenced to a 12-month intensive supervision order, with supervision and program requirements.