Greater access to support for Shire of Murray residents

A Shire of Murray resident with president David Bolt.
A Shire of Murray resident with president David Bolt.

The need for local access to services within the Shire of Murray to satisfy varying needs of community members, in spite of relative per capita demand, inspired service organisations to collaborate and deliver a resourceful concept ensuring services have a local presence in the community.

From 11am to 1pm on the first Wednesday of every month, a network of 11 organisations set-up shop at Pinjarra Lesser Hall to enable access to essential support services and advice for Murray community members.

Provided free of charge and with no appointments necessary, the Murray Community Support Hub is a lifeline, important for the health and prosperity of the Murray community.

All community members are welcome at the Hub and can enjoy a free lunch provided by the Pinjarra Family Church, who also assist with the development of life skills and access to emergency food parcels.

A network of 11 organisations have set-up shop at Pinjarra Lesser Hall enabling community access to essential support services.

Shire of Murray president David Bolt

Representatives from the Australian Taxation Office are available to offer tax advice, while representatives from Peel Jobs and Skills Centre and Bridging the Gap provide career guidance and job seeker and resume support.

Counselling services are available thanks to representatives from Allambee Counselling and GP Down South who also provide mental health support.

Drug and Alcohol counselling services are available thanks to representatives from Palmerston Drug and Alcohol, with senior relationship services provided by Relationships Australia.

Community members suffering with the loss of a loved one can find solace in the company of The Compassionate Friends, while SMYL Community Services representatives can help prepare parents of young children, who have been out of the workforce, to navigate their re-entry into employment.

Grant information and volunteer and general support, is provided by Shire officers.

The Hub has been operational for more than eight months and has grown thanks to the support, passion and commitment of the participating organisations.

The Hub is an avenue to connect residents with the services they need, in a safe, supportive environment and at a central district location.

Together we are building a stronger, more resilient district and I encourage all community members to pop by to chat to the affable representatives.

Cr David Bolt is Shire of Murray president.