Urban greening: Mandurah urged to 'Embrace a Space' and help city parks flourish

Protecting Peel's natural assets, adopting more environmentally friendly behaviours and working as one to achieve a goal will be the core targets of a new push by the City of Mandurah.

The local government has adopted the "Embrace a Space" program, which urges residents to love their local parks and reserves through ownership.

The concept is aimed to be inclusive and get residents engaged in the management and activation of public open spaces in their neighbourhoods.

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The program encourages residents to explore what they value about their chosen location, then urges them to work with others in the area to implement environmental goals in that selected space.

As part of the program, the City of Mandurah has developed a community toolkit and undertaken two trials.

The toolkit outlines how to register online and what role the City of Mandurah and community groups will play in bringing the vision to fruition.

Each Embrace a Space group will be allocated an established contact person and that leader will be given volunteer contact lists for each area.

The program will also include various information sessions and activities.

A snap shot of the toolkit. Photo: City of Mandurah.

A snap shot of the toolkit. Photo: City of Mandurah.

The push to see Embrace a Space groups popping up across the city came about after advocacy from Coastal Ward councillor Tahlia Jones.

Cr Jones urged her fellow councillors to consider the initiative when putting forward a motion in April 2018, which was unanimously supported.

Since that vote was cast, City of Mandurah staff put together the toolkit, undertook the trials and developed an activity plan.

Two streets in Erskine were picked for the Embrace a Space guinea pig.

According to a report presented to councillors after the trials were complete, City of Mandurah officers considered the trials along Sirrocco Drive and Bridgewater South as successful.

The report stated they showcased that a "collaborative management approach" had multiple benefits to the City of Mandurah and the community "with scope to utilise this new approach in other projects".

Introducing the Embrace a Space program is one of several projects the City of Mandurah has recently undertaken to get on an environmental front foot.

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