Potential storms shadow Mandurah's Easter weekend

Mandurah residents are facing some wet weather for their Easter long weekend according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

After an unusually dry start to the month of April the city could be in for its share of rain on Friday, with possible storms set to bring anywhere between 15-30mm with a 100 per cent chance of rain along with hail and gusty winds.

So far Mandurah has seen just 4.2mm of rain throughout the month, with the figure set to more than triple itself on Friday alone.

The wet patch is likely to see the city close to its average rainfall for the month of April, which stands at 39.2mm.

The forecast could also bring about a stretch of cold temperatures.

The maximum is set for a significant drop on Friday, with an expected high of just 15 degrees (compared to 23 on Thursday) to bring Mandurah its first truly cold day of the wet months.

It will be the first time the maximum temperature has dipped below 20 degrees since November 20, 2018.

The rain is expected to ease by Saturday, with a 70 per cent chance of showers predicted to drop just 2mm with a maximum temperature of 17 degrees and a slight chance of hail and gusty winds in the morning.

For more information on the coming forecast visit bom.gov.au/wa/forecasts/mandurah