PFNL: The question facing your side heading into round two

Traditionally, round one of the footy season doesn't give you too many answers, and the Peel Football and Netball League's opening weekend certainly didn't offer much in terms of clarity.

A close call between Pinjarra and Halls Head doesn't give us much to go on as to where either side is at, and the Waroona v Centrals result only raised further questions.

So, what's the big issue facing your team this week? We take a look below:


Are you as good as you seemed in round one?

Their drubbing of South Mandurah was a strong start to the new campaign, but are the Brumbies as good as they looked or did they just catch the Falcons on an off day? Well, we're going to know a little more about this team by the end of this weekend, as they hit the road to take on the reigning premiers Pinjarra. On paper, they certainly look like one of the better teams of the competition, but have they actually taken a step forward or are we just falling in love with a red hot start? Put Pinjarra to the sword and your odds for a minor premiership increase greatly.


How keen are you to make amends?

The Blues can't be happy with how they opened the season, losing to last year's wooden spooners and only booting three goals. So what sort of response do they have in store? I'm not ready to write this side off, not after how well they played down the stretch last season, but they're a proud team and they'll be pretty eager to show their first game was an aberration. 

Halls Head

First quarter kings or genuinely good football team: What's it gonna be?

Last week we saw a Lightning team ready to run, spread the ball around the ground, compete fiercely and make the most of their forward entries... until the quarter time siren blew. To be fair, they were still good enough to compete with the reigning back-to-back champs after that, but they scored 37 points in the opening term opposed to 27 across the remaining three. Honestly, the brand of footy they played in that first quarter would shred any of their opposition sides, but they need to bring it across a full game. If they do, they may belt Centrals this week. If they don't, well, it could be a case of deja vu.


How much resilience does your new group have?

How easy would it be for the Mustangs to hang their heads and go back into their shell this week? It's a real possibility when a club that's been at the bottom for years has their promising pre-season result in a seven-goal loss in week one. You fall into what's familiar, you become content with the loss and you do it all over again, right? Well, maybe not. If anything, Mandurah should be encouraged by their round one performance. Rockingham are a solid team, a genuine chance to finish atop the table, and the Mustangs managed to put up 95 points on them. Yeah, they got burnt on the other end, but if they bring that same flare against Waroona this week they're a big chance to secure their first win.


Are you still in control of this league?

Opposition teams, coaches and supporters are crying out for the Tigers to fall, because that's what happens when you have success. Remember when NBA fans used to like the Golden State Warriors? Now everybody hates them because the season is boring when you know who's going to win. That same logic can be applied to Pinjarra, and I'll bet almost every mutual supporter was rooting for Halls Head last week. But, after escaping a close shave, it's time for the Tigers to put talks of a decline to bed. Let's not get carried away, a loss to the Brumbies doesn't spell the end of an era or anything crazy like that. But a win certainly helps restore your claim as the team to beat.


Just how hard to beat are you?

Footy's a simple game, you score more than your opponent and hey presto, right? There might be more to it than that, but not for Rockingham by the looks of it. The Rams scored the second-most points of any team last season, and continued that all-out offensive game plan putting up 142 in round one last week. Whatever the opposition's plan is, you put up those kinds of numbers and you're probably going to win. This week they take on South Mandurah, and it's hard to see them slowing down, so the Falcons are going to need to find some serious form if they're to notch their first win of the year.

South Mandurah

Still got that home field advantage?

So South Mandurah are supposed to be belted by a red-hot Rockingham this week, but there's a reason I never write them off when they're at home. I remember covering a game between South Mandurah and Baldivis at Falcon Oval last year. Souths had just been beaten by a young Halls Head team the week before, while the Brumbies were undefeated through eight games, so I was pretty certain Baldivis would cruise to a win. But instead a roaring home crowd helped the Falcons pull off arguably the upset of the year. I'm not saying it's going to be enough to tip the scales in their favour against the Rams, but home field has to count for something, right?


Can you equal last year's win tally ASAP?

The Demons conjured two victories from their 18 games last year, beating South Mandurah and Mandurah. Now, amazingly, they have the chance to equal that tally in just two weeks after fending off Centrals to take a round one victory. They face off against a Mandurah side that will be pretty desperate to get on the board, but they can gather a second-straight win? It'll certainly be a smooth start for coach Matt Templeton if they can.