Safety a focus for Crab Fest fireworks

Safety a focus for Crab Fest fireworks

Boat owners planning to view the Crab Fest fireworks from the water are being urged to check their navigation lights and other safety equipment before the event to ensure their night out is incident free.

Department of Transport (DoT) senior marine officer Adam Rando said skippers should check their vessel’s navigation lights as part of the routine safety checks undertaken before a voyage.

It was also recommended they carry spare bulbs.

Mr Rando said Crab Fest was an opportunity to put a spotlight on boating safety and give the high number of local boating enthusiasts access to the latest promotions and information.

“At Crab Fest and at local boat ramps Department of Transport will be promoting equipment maintenance including boat trailers and giving boat owners the chance to take the 30 Second Challenge to measure their readiness for an emergency on the water,” Mr Rando said.

“On each day of Crab Fest (March 16 and 17), local boat owners will also be able to take advantage of the successful Old4New lifejacket upgrade, which allows skippers to replace their old, damaged, obsolete or foam filled lifejacket with a new modern more comfortable one for $65.”

The Old4New initiative, delivered in conjunction with the Royal Life Saving Society of Western Australia, spearheads a statewide education campaign promoting the benefits of wearing lifejackets at all times while boating.

Old4New is available from 10am-12pm each day at DoT’s Marine Safety Education Trailer located on the Mandurah Terrace foreshore (north of the playground).

To avoid disappointment, it’s important that people wanting to participate in the program read the Old4New guidelines at the Lifejackets page to check if their jackets qualify for an upgrade and to find out more information.

All vessels on the water between sunset and sunrise are required to display appropriate navigation lights.

Boat owners are also reminded temporary on water closures and special arrangements are in place for Crab Fest.