Shire of Murray hosting clean-up days this weekend

Cleaning up: In 2018, volunteers retrieved 10 shopping trolleys during Shire of Murray events. Photo: Josh Cowling.
Cleaning up: In 2018, volunteers retrieved 10 shopping trolleys during Shire of Murray events. Photo: Josh Cowling.

With Clean up Australia Day only a few days away, Murray residents are being urged to join the national movement to clean the country, by helping to rid Murray of litter.

The Shire clean up will take place at Cantwell Park on Friday, March 1 from 9am-noon.

Clean up efforts will focus on the amenity and adjoining section of the Murray River and will also extend to Morni Kep Park.

A sausage sizzle will be held for volunteers. For further information and to sign up, contact the Shire’s Environmental team on 9531 7777 or via

On Sunday, March 3, Friends of River Peel will conduct its 16th consecutive Clean Up Australia Day event, supported by the Shire of Murray and Peel Harvey Catchment Council.

Sign up commences at 7:45am at Young Road launching ramp, South Yunderup. Efforts extend from Pinjarra to Ravenswood and will concentrate on the Murray River, Serpentine River, Delta Islands and local foreshores.

From noon a sausage sizzle will be held to conclude the day's events. Boats, barges, dinghies and trailers are required to assist clean up efforts.

For further information and to advise attendance, please contact Colin Elton on 9537 7809.

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Shire president David Bolt said Clean Up Australia Day was the perfect opportunity for community members, business owners and schools to unite in a bid to clean up, fix up and conserve Murray’s unique environment.

“Our district’s natural landscape contributes enormously towards life in Murray, however littering and illegal dumping jeopardise this lifestyle while also threatening valuable assets," he said.

“Litter isn’t just unsightly, it also affects community spirit, the local economy and tourism appeal."

In the 2017/18 financial year, the Shire of Murray spent approximately $50,500 on collecting and disposing of litter and illegal dumping.

Cr. Bolt highlighted that costs were further incurred through collection efforts within parks and playgrounds.

“For community members facilitating clean up sites, the Shire will provide bags and arrange disposal of collection efforts following the event. Individuals may also be eligible to claim $100 to assist with their event through Alcoa and the Shire of Murray’s Community Assistance Partnership Fund,” he said.

For further information or to register a clean up site, contact the Shire’s waste coordinator on 9531 7777 or to view other clean up events, visit