'It's a bit dark': Good Doogs explore mental health themes in latest hit single

Mandurah's favourite surf rock trio have struck gold again, with their latest single 'Nobody/Alone'.

Since its release on February 5, the fast-paced yet somewhat sombre track has been streamed more than 50,000 times on Spotify.

Kick starting another year of domination on the Australian music charts, the new hit is three minutes of the indie punk rock sound fans know and love featuring impressive guitar melodies, perfectly washed-out vocals and an energetic drum section.

Everything is going from strength to strength, it's just growing and we're super psyched to ride it.

Michael Grainger

But the song explores some pretty serious themes, based on the personal experiences of band members Michael Grainger (drums, vocals) Asher Iriks (guitar, vocals) and Dylan Brown (bass).

Grainger said singing about mental health issues was something they knew much of their young audience could relate to as well.

"It's a song about anxiety and how it can ruin your life - it's a crippling thing that you can't get rid of," he said.

"You try to get out of the house and get on with your life and it still follows you.

"A couple of us have struggled with it a fair bit so it does hit close to home, it's relatable content.

"Most of our songs, even though they have nice melodies, they are all a bit dark so it stays in tune with everything else we've been doing."

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A music video for the single is also on the way for the party-starting three piece, set to be released on February 27.

With an intriguing teaser video recently posted on the band's Facebook page featuring red lipstick, raunchy outfits and power tools, Grainger said it is "pretty out there".

"Everyone needs to realise it's a larrikinism - we're just losers making fun of ourselves," he said.

"Everyone likes bands that can pull the p**s out of themselves and not be too serious and that's definitely the vibe we give off, especially in this clip.

"It's the most fun part of being in the band, I love acting. It's so much fun."

With the year off to a ripper start already, and an epic 2018 behind them, the boys' hard work has earned the lovable larrikins a place in the Triple J Unearthed top ten 'Ones to Watch' artists for 2019, which Grainger said "puts the pressure on a little bit".

"It's a pretty elite little group we're in there, that is the next crop of Australian music," he said.

"It's pretty humbling to be included in the same caliber of artists as those guys and we're happy to be there.

"Everything is going from strength to strength, it's just growing and we're super psyched to ride it."

After recently celebrating coming in at 199 on the Triple J Hottest 200 countdown as well as the excitement from the new single, the boys still have more planned for the year.

Grainger made the exclusive announcement about the band's tour across Australia in mid 2019.

"We just sold out a Melbourne show, we're over there for the Hills Are Alive festival and then we have the DZ Deathrays shows next weekend through regional WA," he said.

"But we've got our own tour coming up in the middle of the year, 11 shows around Australia.

"Hopefully there will be a new song around then too.

"There's a full theme behind the tour as well, it's a good one."

To keep up with all the latest from the Good Doogs, visit their Facebook page.