Horoscopes: week beginning January 20

 ARIES: You are able to grasp ideas and perspectives on a problem or financial matter during January 19 to February 15, equipping you with practical means of improvement. Instincts serve you well then. You can also draw on past experiences during this time, both good and bad, and apply these lessons to solidify your position in career-related matters.

TAURUS: Relationships, particularly those with friends and work acquaintances, will be highly idealised during January 19 to February 15 as you share common activities and ideals. However, theses ideals are balanced with pragmatism, enhancing your potential for achievement. You are likely to reach for dreams of a tertiary education or travel then. Legal advice is solid.

GEMINI: A strong creative force and intuition will assist Gemini people in managing responsibilities and work situations during January 19 to February 15, foreshadowing similar developments in June and November. This is also a time when enduring relationships can be forged, whether in business or marriage, so week to capitalise on potential.

CANCER: January 19 to February 15 is a very fortunate period for Cancer, highlighting travel, romance, recreational interests, personal talent, and children. A good mix of idealism and practicality helps you to realise dreams. This is an excellent aspect if you are seeking to further your education at the tertiary level. There’ll be further developments in June and November.

LEO: Financial interests are stabilised during January 19 to February 15, making your life easier to manage. These developments are aided by reliable, long-term work. This is an excellent time to apply for loans, and is also good for dealing with insurance matters, taxation, superannuation, and matters connected to an inheritance.

VIRGO: January 19 to February 15 is an excellent time for pursuing your dreams where love and romance is concerned. This good mean marriage for those who are eligible or a reaffirmation of vows. This is also an excellent time for forging new business partnerships were creativity is important. You will work well with others who are supportive of your plans.

LIBRA: Your efforts, especially creative ones, assist in producing an income stream with potential during January 19 to February 15. Many Librans will be working in the property market or in a job associated with produce, agriculture, timber products or an associated industry. The winter months of 2019 will further expand on this potential.

SCORPIO: Children or romance motivates Scorpio to achievement during January 19 to February 15, precipitating long-term plans for the future. Ideals are woven into discussions and strategies. This is also an excellent time to develop your talents or recreational interests. Anything started during this period is likely to be productive and enduring.

SAGITTARIUS: January 19 to February 15 is all about creating that ideal home space that acts as a haven from the outside world. This period sees Sagittarius doing practical about to establish this environment, aided by reliable financial means. Some of you may be building a new home or re-establishing yourself in a better environment. Expect to be there for some time.

CAPRICORN: You have a way with words during January 19 to February 15 that will enable you to achieve a personal goal. Some would call you inspired as you go about your daily business. This is an excellent period for planning and a strong sense of personal intuition guides your plans. Expect more developments in June and November.

AQUARIUS: Financial rewards are coming Aquarius’ way during January 19 to February 15, as a steadier stream of income is established or is being developed. With more to come in June and November, this coming period is an important step towards this reality. This work may involve artistic endeavours of some sort, or working to help people less fortunate than yourself.

PISCES: Piscean goals are strongly stimulated during January 19 to February 15. You find a personal balance in life and increased security as a result of developments during this time, with further developments likely in June and November. Friends assist you in your endeavours then, but your own sensitivity, positive feelings of self-worth, steady confidence, pragmatism, and application will see you get there under your own steam.

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